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Are you a psychopath?

Check out these riddles and try to answer them honestly. If you get them right then you may be a psychopath. Don’t be scared because I also got them right! Now it’s your turn, write the answers of any riddle you like in the comment box with perfect riddle number and I would reply to […]

The Golden State Killer

Some people just don’t want to see the world happy, and because they are such evil not only on the outside but also on the inside that they can’t survive without this thrill which they see in people’s eyes called fear. Today’s killer fits the exact description that I gave above. I am talking about […]

Jack the Ripper

We all have that one fantasy character whom we think could be real and as scary as we imagine it to be. Well today’s killer is somewhat similar and like every other serial killer this one is known as Jack the Ripper mainly because no one has actually seen him or ever known his real […]

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